Pupil Voice Groups

At St Thomas, all children are invited to apply to become a member of a pupil voice group. This allows our children to have a direct say in the future of the school and allows them to feel a part of changes that take place.

Our pupil voice groups are:

School Council

Mrs Blyth

Curriculum Designers

Mr Phelps

Healthy Helpers

Mrs Hellier

Rights Ambassadors

Mr Farrant

Ffrindiau Byd

Mrs Taylor

Driegiau San Tomos

Miss James

Community Champions

Mrs Emanuel

Tech Team

Mr McCoy

School Friends

Mrs Hole & Mrs Jenkins

Internet Safety

At St Thomas Community Primary School, we recognise the need to work with children and parents to develop ways of keeping children safe online.

Every class from Reception to Year 6 receives a minimum of two weeks of e-safety lessons every term. We also have effective links with the outside agencies such as the police who come to the school to teach children about the importance of remaining safe.

Children are taught to report problems to an adult straight away without being judged and they also have the option of speaking to a peer from the ‘Tech Team’ if they would prefer to discuss issues with someone their own age.

You may find the following links helpful when teaching your child about internet safety:

Safeguarding and Child Protection

The school follows the All Wales Child Protection Procedures and details of these procedures are available by following the link below. In all cases, where a child is believed to have been abused or suffered neglect, or is at risk of being so, there is a legal duty on us to share relevant information with relevant professionals and agencies. In all such situations, the protection of the child must take precedence over all other considerations.

The school has a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy which are reviewed annually. The school’s Designated Safeguarding Person for child protection and safeguarding issues is Mr Dwyer and in his absence, Mr Burns.

If you have any comments or questions regarding out legal obligation to protect all children from harm, please feel free to contact us.

All Wales Safeguarding Procedures