Curriculum for Wales 2022

Curriculum for Wales at St Thomas

The world is changing and schools in Wales need to adapt. To address these challenges, the Welsh Government wants to make sure that your child has the knowledge, skills and experiences they’ll need to make the most of life. Teachers and education experts from across Wales have been working together to develop the Curriculum for Wales.

The new curriculum is designed for all children. It will support your child with creative lessons with real-life meaning. It will suit their needs and help them reach their full potential. The world is more connected nowadays, so what they learn is more connected too. Knowledge is really important, and they will also be given the skills and experiences they need for a fast-changing world.

At St Thomas Community Primary School, we are supporting your child to be:

An ambitious, capable learner, ready to learn throughout their life

The Four Purposes

An enterprising, creative contributor, ready to play a full part in life and work

The Four Purposes

An ethical, informed citizen, ready to take part in Wales and the world

The Four Purposes

A healthy, confident individual, ready to lead a fulfilling life as a valued member of society.

The Four Purposes

Areas of Learning and Experience

There are six areas of learning and experience. Everything your child learns will be connected to these areas.

Cross-Curricular Skills

Literacy, numeracy and digital competence are mandatory cross-curricular skills within Curriculum for Wales. It will be the responsibility of all teachers to embed these skills across all lessons. How literacy, numeracy and digital competence skills are developed will be decided at a school-to-school level and will fit with individual schools’ approaches.

Click on the link below which will take you to the frameworks that we use in school:

Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Digital Competency Framework

Cross-Cutting Themes

The new curriculum will also teach children five other themes throughout their time in school. These are: